As warm weather sweeps East Tennessee, we wake up to new sights and smells every morning ... dogwood, redbud, and wildflowers outdoors, and equally enticing aromas inside SoKno Market. Start your day with a cup of SoKno Joe and a breakfast sandwich, or stop by for lunch and try one of our craft sodas and a panini stuffed with Fox's Famous peachwood smoked barbecue. Can't get away until later? Wake up on your drive home with a handcrafted milkshake -- our Rocketman features Chadwick's Churn Vanilla Bean ice cream and a shot of our signature cold brew coffee.

Sure, you could stand in line at that global franchise you first visited before your cellphone had a screen, or you could come see what your neighbors have lovingly hand-crafted. SoKno Market offers fuel for your body and your spirit -- peruse the work of local artisans while you sip a pint of Grumpy Preacher.

There's always something new at SoKno Market -- it's more than a coffeehouse, it's South Knoxville.


Featured Artisan: Kellen Catani

Kellen Catani of PureBred Wood and Craft Company treasures the authenticity of wood, and has laboriously crafted exquisite kitchen serving utensils from solid walnut. We are proud to show them in our market, and are convinced they will become an heirloom in the families that unwrap them this Christmas. Catani doesn't limit himself to serving utensils, but they will definitely catch your eye.

Featured Artisan: Bob Williams

Bob Williams is another local who loves woodworking. Bob is a luthier who has made dulcimers for several years, and has decided to allow SoKno Market to offer a couple of his beautiful hand-crafted violins. If you value craftsmanship, ask to see one of these amazing works of art. If you play, we'll even let you draw a bow across one of these astonishing pieces before they're sold.

We have new artisans nearly every week. Stop by to see what's new ... and if you know a craftsman with a passion not yet made public, bring 'em in for a milkshake. Maybe the handiwork of our neighbors will encourage them.